Thai, spicy, and tasty quick salad.

I love cooking elaborately, Breughelian dishes which take hours, where flavours drip off the dish like clots of paint of a modernist painting. Or whatever, the metaphor is lost. Anyway, however much I love to prepare an osso bucco, umpteen types of risotto, lamb shoulders and overnight ramen with pork belly, sometimes I just feel…… Continue reading Thai, spicy, and tasty quick salad.

Thai pan seared tuna salad

Sometimes, I like fast cooking because there are other things to do or just because I don’t feel like cooking very elaborately. Of course, I still want a dish packed with taste, that’s why this pan-seared tuna salad with ginger dressing is an excellent choice when you don’t have a lot of time but still…… Continue reading Thai pan seared tuna salad

The lactose & glutenfree trip: red beetroot gnocchi

A month ago, I got diagnosed with temporary lactose and gluten intolerance. Needless to say this was a massive blow in the stomach (ha!), since I am an absolute fan of cheese, pasta and pizza for that matter, patisserie for God’s sake. And bread & butter, about which I was so lyrical months ago. ¬†All…… Continue reading The lactose & glutenfree trip: red beetroot gnocchi

Fiori di zucca (stuffed zucchini flowers)

Eggplant or zucchini flowers. The name in English doesn’t sound very elegant, not to me, but maybe I’m biased. I prefer the Italian term fiori di zucca or fiori di zucchini, which actually give the elegant flow the flowers deserve. It’s a dish you don’t find very easily in Belgium, I find. I tasted them…… Continue reading Fiori di zucca (stuffed zucchini flowers)

Pasta Vongole, a fast & easy classic

Well, these two days of summer weather really brought out the worst in me. I feel like cooking and baking everything, but that’s not really possible, now is it? Since I’d like to share the summer feeling I have myself, I decided to make a pasta vongole. Why? 1. I’ve made dessert last week and…… Continue reading Pasta Vongole, a fast & easy classic