Beef bulgogi (불고기) & the art of velveting

Bulgogi, also known as 불고기, is a dish that’s easy to make and gives you great flavour. In Korea, bulgogi is one of the most popular dishes in the country, up to the point there are even bulgogi pizza. It actually just means grilled meat (as I have been told), and there is no real standardized recipe for…… Continue reading Beef bulgogi (불고기) & the art of velveting

A tender hymn for tentacles

Last week I was back in Portugal, visiting Lisbon and going for surf in Ericeira. I love the Portuguese cuisine in particular, the mediterranean in general actually. When I go to Portugal, there are two things I must eat. Must is strong, but I mean it, I ain’t going nowhere without having tasted fresh polvo…… Continue reading A tender hymn for tentacles

Absolute horror: healthy mousse au chocolat

Healthy desserts, they are always tricky. They tend to be good up to a certain point, but they’re never the real deal. Anyone who’s ever made a healthy equivalent of a dessert will know what I’m talking about, no? You’ve all heard about the healthy cheesecake, or the two-ingredient ice cream which isn’t ice cream at…… Continue reading Absolute horror: healthy mousse au chocolat