Pasta Vongole, a fast & easy classic

Well, these two days of summer weather really brought out the worst in me. I feel like cooking and baking everything, but that’s not really possible, now is it? Since I’d like to share the summer feeling I have myself, I decided to make a pasta vongole. Why? 1. I’ve made dessert last week and…… Continue reading Pasta Vongole, a fast & easy classic

Tarte Tatin with cinnamon cream

We’ve switched roles, Elisa and I. For this week, I’ll make a dessert while she focuses on something more savoury. This will happen more in the future, but Elisa does stay the all time Dessert Meisterin.  I don’t even know if that’s a word, but you’re shouting it, aren’t you? (Had this blog been a comic…… Continue reading Tarte Tatin with cinnamon cream