Cooking with leftovers

This page is dedicated to leftovers and leftovers only. And fridge sitters, which are foods kept in the fridge too long. I love cooking with leftover and whatever the fridge content is, since it allows for a lot of creativity, it empties the fridge, it limits the waste and you have to go to the supermarket less.

Generally, when I drop by people, I have to suppress the urge to look into their fridges. It’s nice to know what is there, what possible combinations are etcetera. Leftover cooking should really be a thing and deserves its rightful place in the cookbook landscape. 

But so there you go. I generally cook with fridge leftover two, three times a week, especially since I don’t like eating the same dish twice. For instance, when I make lamb shoulder in the oven and there are leftovers, I will use them the next day for a lamb risotto with mushrooms and fresh herbs from the garden. On the Instagram account as well as in the blog posts, I will mention that it’s fridge leftover by tagging it #leftovercooking. 

(If ever, don’t hesitate to just send me a picture of your fridge contents, I’ll be happy to assist you in the meal options!)