Millionaire’s Shortbread (with Salted Caramel)

So. Matt Preston. I love reading his articles and I love watching him on Australian Masterchef. So of course, when I saw a cook book by his hand, I had to have it. Honestly, it’s worth buying  for his writing alone, he is very knowledgeable about food and it is a pleasure to read. That’s not…… Continue reading Millionaire’s Shortbread (with Salted Caramel)

Little pieces of heaven: Vanilla Cookies

This post will be sweet and short, just like the cookies themselves. The recipe comes from an amazing cookbook gifted to me by our very own Stef. It is extremely comprehensive and extremely pink and filled with amazing patisserie recipes, each one more elaborate than the next. I choose these cookies because I absolutely adore…… Continue reading Little pieces of heaven: Vanilla Cookies

Tarte Tatin with cinnamon cream

We’ve switched roles, Elisa and I. For this week, I’ll make a dessert while she focuses on something more savoury. This will happen more in the future, but Elisa does stay the all time Dessert Meisterin.  I don’t even know if that’s a word, but you’re shouting it, aren’t you? (Had this blog been a comic…… Continue reading Tarte Tatin with cinnamon cream