Here we are then, with an operational blog. We have to admit – with a slight rosy blush on the cheeks – it took us several years to really jump into it. Spur of the moment brought us here and we’re here to do what we do best. Well, what we love doing most: talking about food, preparing it and then eating it. 

The name: Bread & Butter. It fits very well. Although these two ingredients are very common, they also have a luxury to them and we like the luxury of the common. Not only that, both of our last names start with a b, Elisa is a Blondie, I’m a Brownie. This is ridiculous, we know. Still, nothing beats a good piece of bread, with a good dollop of butter and some sea salt. As you’ll come to learn, we are nothing but gluttons, and gloriously proud of it as well. 

Personal introductions then. Oh no, please, we’re not too fond of kisses, just a hello will do. We might stare at the floor, maybe. 

Elisa – Crazy cat lady, servant of one kitty cat, extreme sweet tooth. Very much into tea, almost obsessively so. If I were to describe her I’d say she’s the absolute dessert queen. Once took on the V8 cake challenge. Dreaming of a bookshop slash afternoon delight café.

Stef – Comic of the morbid, full-blooded meat eater, has a hard time choosing between food and books as her greatest love of all, black hole of a stomach. Loves intensive sports, but needs a push to get started sometimes. Full of puns. 

Oh, mind you, we share a heightened level of sarcasm, our food tends to be less bitter.