Crisps, chocolate and salted peanuts.

I miss the Great British Bake Off. I am not even mad anymore that Mary, Sue and Mel have been “replaced”, I am mostly just angry about the fact that we cannot get Channel 4 in Belgium. Those Wednesdays when GBBO (yes I use the abbreviation because I’m both cool and very very lazy) was on, were the best Wednesdays.

I loved the hosts, even though Paul Hollywood could really piss me off sometimes, and I absolutely adored Mel and Sue. Even more than that, the competitors were all so nice and everyone got along (well there was the exception of Bingate, look it up!) and the point of the show was not being mean to each other while competing but the point was just…. baking. Glorious, glorious baking. And the innuendos, we can’t forget those. I honestly learned a lot while watching and I would always keep following most of the contestants on social media.

The penultimate series of GBBO we could watch in Belgium on the BBC had an amazing winner who made an amazing speech (again, look it up!): Nadiya Hussain. The recipe I’m sharing with you today comes from her own show “Nadiya’s British Food Adventure”. The recipe I made is featured on the BBC Food website and I’ll link it below.

As you can see from the title of this post, it features chocolate, peanuts and crisps. Yes, you read that right: crisps. The crisps made me panic a little bit while I was making the “crust” of the tart, it seemed like it would never come together and the whole thing felt like it was doomed to fail. (Spoiler alert: it did the opposite of fail).  The filling is absolutely lovely and because I love the combination of chocolate and peanut, I really do not have anything bad to say about this tart. The crisps give it a nice twist and the sweet and salty taste is just right. If you can, try to use lightly salted crisps though (I used the lightly salted Kettle Chips ones).



The recipe can be found here:



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