Thai, spicy, and tasty quick salad.

I love cooking elaborately, Breughelian dishes which take hours, where flavours drip off the dish like clots of paint of a modernist painting. Or whatever, the metaphor is lost. Anyway, however much I love to prepare an osso bucco, umpteen types of risotto, lamb shoulders and overnight ramen with pork belly, sometimes I just feel…… Continue reading Thai, spicy, and tasty quick salad.

Millionaire’s Shortbread (with Salted Caramel)

So. Matt Preston. I love reading his articles and I love watching him on Australian Masterchef. So of course, when I saw a cook book by his hand, I had to have it. Honestly, it’s worth buying  for his writing alone, he is very knowledgeable about food and it is a pleasure to read. That’s not…… Continue reading Millionaire’s Shortbread (with Salted Caramel)